Selecting Your Senior Photographer
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Friday, March 11, 2016

When choosing your professional photographer for your senior portraits, here are some qualities and skills you might want to look for in order to assure your Senior portraits exceed your expectations.  Does your photographer fit your style?  Some photographers specialize in only one lighting style.  One lighting style may work for you, but if you would like to have a great variety in your session you will want to choose a photographer who specializes in many lighting styles.  Some examples of different lighting styles and skills are Outdoor strobe lighting, Outdoor speed lights with multiply lights, Outdoor natural lighting, indoor studio fashion, and  indoor dramatic sports lighting.  All these lighting techniques can be used to fit any style you may want.  We normally choose to do different lighting with every outfit change to offer the maximum variety.


See the following examples of each type of lighting styles that we use:  

Outdoor Strobe Lighting: Creates a big soft light that can be used in broad daylight even on the brightest sunny days. Equipment is transportable and can be used anywhere at any time of day.  These are the type of beautiful images that can be created if your Professional Photographer is skilled in using this lighting technique.  As you can see, strobes are a great way to give light direction when needed on cloudy and bright "blue bird sky" days.  These examples show how we were able to achieve magazine style images for these Seniors.



Natural Outdoor Lighting: Used when you want soft subtle lighting for an innocent feel.  Knowing how to use directional lighting to enhance the photograph is very important.  Making sure the subject's eyes are illuminated perfectly with no shadows hiding their eyes, "raccoon eyes". This is a technique that is very simple to use and is the only type of lighting some photographers may use, because they are not skilled in other lighting techniques. These are beautiful examples of a few of our seniors that we used natural lighting with.



Speedlights for Off Camera Lighting:  Speedlights are a great way to light subjects from multiple angles and achieve an edgy lighting style.   This is great for nighttime, sunsets, sports, or venues that will need more dramatic look. These are some examples of seniors we have done with one of their outfits using speed lights because it went with their style, outfit, and the mood.



Studio fashion : Multiply facets of lighting can be used depending on the outfit and the look you want to achieve. There are all kinds of lighting tricks to achieve that model look in fashion. Here are some examples of some fashionable seniors that fashion studio photography best suited their style and their look. These are the results. 



Dramatic Studio Sports Photography: Every senior always has a favorite sport or hobby that represents what they love to do, so we want to incorporate this into their senior session. It can be any sport or hobby.  Being creative in capturing their personality with their senior portraits is a very important aspect to look for in a professional photographer. Here are some seniors with their favorite sport in a magazine ad quality image.

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Alexis Jenkins - I’ve been trying to find someone to do my senior pictures, and I really like yours! I was wondering how much you charge?