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Our setting fee for portrait sessions is FREE!!   A minimum print charge applies to portrait sessions based on the number of outfits.   This amount is applied to your account as a full credit for the purchase of your portraits.  When scheduling your appointment we will need to know the number of outfits you would like to be photographed in. 

We offer sessions to fit everyone's budget.   The following is our minimum print charge (deposit) that is required on the day of your session:
3 outfits - $400
4 outfits - $500 (most popular)

*A $150 deposit is required to reserve your session.   This $150 is part of your total deposit.   So for 4 outfits you will pay $150 to book your session over the phone and the remainder, $350, on the day of your session.

Additional outfits can be added by paying an additional print charge per outfit.  ($100/outfit) This does not require you to spend $100 on the additional outfit.  It simply adds to the total credit awaiting for you to spend as you would like.

Viewing Session:  Approximately one week after your portrait session we will schedule your ordering session.  On the day of your ordering you will see all your portraits on a large screen and place your order during this session.  Please have everyone responsible for ordering decisions at this appointment.  80% of your balance is required to place your final order.  Any remaining balance will be due before delivery of your order. 

We guarantee our work 100%.   If you are unhappy with your session previews we will refund your minimum print deposit.