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We will never rush your session,  a four outfit session will take approx. two hours.   We want your senior portraits to be the best they can be and we want you to have fun while you are with us!  Please give us a quick call with any questions prior to your session.  Take a few minutes to read the following tips and make sure to read them all!

Style Guide
Avoid stripes, plaids, and very large patterns!  Solids and small prints/patterns photograph much better.  Make sure to bring a variety of outfits.  Different colors, styles, and dress levels.   Bring one or two outfits mom likes and then we can move onto the stuff you want to do!  It's better to bring too many outfit choices than not enough.  We can help you choose when you get here.   Some ideas would be a long sleeve, solid dark top,  a white long sleeve shirt for white on white, a timeless outfit suitable for your grandparents, a trendy, fashionable outfit, and your favorite casual outfit that shows your unique style.   Don't forget about a great coat with fur, prom dresses, hats and scarves, boots, your school or favorite college gear, bandanas, etc.

Make sure your clothing choices fit well.  This goes for both guys and girls.  Baggy clothes will make you look larger and so will clothing that is too tight.  Sleeveless styles, while popular, can make your arms look bigger so be sure to choose wisely.  Cap sleeves are not advisable!  Make sure to bring some longer sleeved outfits!

Bring all the items you need for each outfit; shoes, belts, jewelry, and for the girls, proper undergarments including strapless bras if needed.  Please bring your outfits ironed, on  hangers.  You would be surprised how many show up with everything stuffed into a bag and, yes, wrinkles do show.

There usually isn't a place to change when on location for your outdoor session.  We do have a truck you can change in, but you girls might want to consider a tank under your clothing to help with changing situations.

Your nails will show!  For both guys and girls, make sure your nails are clean and manicured.  This doesn't mean that you girls need to run out and spend big bucks on nails, just make sure they are filed, cuticles taken care of and neatly polished, if desired, in neutral colors.  Most girls love those barefoot, casual shots.  Make sure your toenails are in top shape and avoid brightly or unusual colored nail polish.

Make-up should look natural, applied as if you are going on a date!  If you don't wear any make-up at all, you need to consider a light coat of mascara and a little blush.  I promise you will still look like yourself!  Please bring something for your lips such as lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, etc.  Lip gloss with color is a perfect choice!!  You also need to bring powder for those shiny spots that will pop up during your session.  Please have your make-up applied before you get here and we can make any adjustments if we neet to!  Guys, if your lips are dry, cracked, or sunburned, you will need chapstick!

Don't try anything new with your hair right before your session.  This means color or cut, and this goes for both guys and girls.  One to two weeks before, depending on how fast your hair grows, is about right.  Girls, please remember to bring a comb or brush and any hair products you may need.  Hair spray can be very helpful for those stray hairs that won't stay down.

Both guys and girls, make sure you shave the day of your session.  And girls, be careful with the deodorant!  We all know how it can get on your clothes and show if you raise your arms in a tank or prom dress.

Almost all glasses glare.  Most optometrists will remove your lenses for you if you are not comfortable doing that.  Many will also loan you a pair of look-a-like frames for your session, just ask!

Tanning and Sunburns
Tans photograph well, sunburns do not!  Avoid too deep a tan for your skin type.  Too deep a tan will actually make your face look fuller and your skin will have a flat, dull appearance.   If you are sunburned or peeling, you will need to reschedule your session.  Please avoid trying to get some last minute sun, either naturally or in a tanning bed.  You also need to be very careful with self tanners and spray on tans.  We are seeing orange, streaky girls arrive at the studio and we cannot retouch out the results of a poor application of self or spray tanners.  Girls, be careful of tan lines if you plan on wearing tanks or strapless styles.  Guys, avoid those ball cap lines on your forehead or those telltale new haircut lines!

Bring them!  Sports gear (ball, uniforms, football pads, medals, running shoes, etc.), instruments, cars, motorcycles, pets, and yes, even friends!  Make sure everything is clean, including the friends!!  If you can see it, the camera will see it.

Bring your iPod loaded with your favorite music we would love to play it during your session!

Mother nature dictates when we can shoot!  Outdoor sessions need to be earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.  That high, mid-day sun is a no-no!  An overcast day is fine, clouds can actually be a photographer's friend!  If it is raining though, we will still photograph you in the studio but will reschedule your outdoor session.

Ok  Lets Review
   1// Bring enough clothing and follow the rules!
   2// Flawless make-up applied before you get here and your make-up bag packed to come with you!
   3// Clean nails, shoes, ironed clothing!
   4// You shaved!
   5// You're not bright red from tanning or a ballgame!
   6// You remembered your uniform and anything else you wanted to bring;  sports props, sunglasses, high heels, jewelry, guitar!
   7// Your iPod is loaded with great music!
   8// Arrive at the studio on time and have fun!

If you read this tip page, follow the guidelines, and mention it to me at your session, I will give you 8 free wallets.  You will be much happier with your senior portraits if you follow these tips!